We regret to inform you that the We're Going Back to the Future events have been cancelled due to family catastrophe.  We are deeply saddened that we will not be able to celebrate our favorite trilogy with you this year.

Especially for those of you who traveled a great distance to attend the We're Going Back to the Future events, we have arranged a FREE exclusive evening event for ticket holders.


Emails have been sent to the addresses used to purchase tickets.  If you have not received an email from us about this event, or if you have any questions, send us an email at info@weregoingbacktothefuture.com.

Additionally, there are other unofficial fan gatherings being organized by various groups including the SoCal DeLorean Club and Citizens of Hill Valley (on Facebook).

We are still committed to raising money for Team Fox and are proceeding with other fundraising efforts, which we will post more information about here soon.  In the meantime, please visit www.bttfcelebrationsshop.com for exclusive licensed merchandise.

We'll see you all in the future,

Joe & Michael