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Co-creator, "We're Going Back" to the Future I & II & III

Joe Walser's dedication and commitment to excellence in the Back to the Future community for more than a decade has earned him the esteemed status of Bob Gale, "one of the trusted keepers of the franchise."

Walser is best known in the community for having assembled and led the team of highly skilled professional fans that painstakingly restored the actual DeLorean time machine used in all three Back to the Future movies for Universal Studios.  The "A" DeLorean time machine is now the crown jewel of the Petersen Automotive Museum's amazing new Hollywood Dream Machines gallery!!

In 2006, Walser realized a life-long dream by purchasing his very own DeLorean DMC with the intention of using his decades of motion picture art department experience to convert it into Doc Brown's iconic time machine.  Back then, the time machine builders community was just a handful of people strong and nearly all the military and aerospace surplus parts on the time vehicle had yet to be identified.

With boots on the ground, Walser and his team embarked on the greatest treasure hunt of all time!  The team spent years following in the footsteps of the original production team that created the DeLorean time machine.  Walser and co. hunted unrelenting through the darkest & dirtiest warehouses and surplus yards until they had finally identified and acquired the vast majority of components required to build the time machine; locating actual 'sister' parts in many cases, still in the same boxes the original parts came from!!

addition to co-creating the most epic immersive Back to the Future experiences, Walser has been directly involved in...

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Co-creator, "We're Going Back" to the Future III

Michael Klastorin has served as a production/unit publicist on over 60 feature films to date, with credits including such diverse fare as Swamp Thing, Witness, Lethal Weapon 2, Back to the Future II & III, the Last Boy Scout, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Star Trek Nemesis, Office Space, Zombieland, Easy A, Max Rose, Cooties and Mechanic: Resurrection, among many others.

His producing credits include Lethal Weapon 3 and the independent feature Noel, starring Susan Sarandon, Paul Walker, Penelope Cruz and Alan Arkin.


In addition to his publicity chores on the features, Michael's contribution to the Back to the Future universe include the writing of two episodes of the BTTF animated series (Swing Low Sweet Chariot Race, Verne Hatches An Egg), as well as a cameo appearance in the pre-show film of the theme park attraction.  You can also spot Michael greeting Marty McFly in the old west in a cameo appearance in Back to the Future part III.


In 2015, Klastorin authored the international top-selling history of the Back to the Future franchise, "Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History."  Over the past several years, he has appeared at numerous comic cons and fan evernts around the country, as both author, and moderator of panels with Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Tom Wilson, and Bob Gale among others!!